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Best Top Coat Nail Polish Reviews 2019

Ladies have an essential place for the nail polishes and lacquers. But are they all the same or give you the same touch on nails when used alone or in combination with each other? Definitely not. There are a base coat, nail color and top coat nail polishes which are used in combination with each other and give a perfect, glossy, fin finish on the nails.


Among the different kinds of nail polishes, the top coat nail polish is no doubt the one that has to be very high quality. It is important because applying a top coat makes sure the ridges, lines, and flaws are covered giving a refined and glossy finish.


Keeping that in mind, let us review some of the best top coat nail polish options here so that you get a no-chip nail finish for a longer time.


10 of the best top coat nail polish


A Top coat nail polish is applied at the end when you have finished with nail color application and have cured that layer already. The top-coat gives a perfect finish on it and can either be clear or of the same color as well. Here is our sorted list of top 10 top-coat nail polishes you can rely on for a perfect finish on your nails:


Seche Vite Clear Top Nail Coat

Seche Vite top nail coat is one of the best options that are available on the market. These are popular among ladies not because the top coat provided by Seche Vite lasts longer than average nail coats but also they are genuinely made to match the needs of the user in terms of nail care.


It is very smooth and gives a silkier feel when applies to the nails. You don’t have to worry about having the thicker feel because it would never cause ridges and lines to ruin the nail polish below it.


The clear coat offers enough smooth coverage to cover up the existing lines below and make sure you get a clear, glossy finish. The top coat dries out easily and quickly giving no time to develop any flaws on its surface.


Since it is easy to apply, dries out fast and gives a silky gloss on the surface while covering the imperfections on the nail color coat, you can get a perfect look on your nails. In addition to that, the top coat is long lasting and may not get shipped at all.


Sally Hansen Anti-Chip Clear Insta-Dri Top Coat

Sally Hansen Anti

Girls who are looking for glossy finishing on their nails, they need a quick dry top coat that covers the nail color giving the nail a perfect finish within seconds.


This Sally Hansen top nail coat is one of the most effective solutions for the nail color finishing needs. Firstly, it dries out very quickly and retains its gloss and perfect finish. The Flexi-glass formulation makes sure it gives a quick gloss within 30 seconds.


The easy application brush makes it easy to apply the nail polish with one stroke covering the whole nail in one go. It is long lasting and stays on nails for a long period of time without getting chipped and ripped.


With this anti-chip nail coat, you get an instant finish because it doesn’t take much time to dry out and give you an instant, extra-glossy finish within seconds after applying.


China Glaze Nail Polish, No Chip nails Topcoat

When lacquer is applied on nails it is consistently subjected to scuff, detergent effects and other such external factors. Applying China Glaze nail polish top coat ensure you will be able to avoid these issues.


This top coat nail polish help prevent the deterioration of the nail lacquer. It covers the nail and prevents damages by protecting against the external factors.


The no-chip finish makes sure your nails will retain the flawless glossy and neat finish for a long time. It has the capability to prevent nail damage and make sure they stay healthy while retaining the nail color as well.


Maxus Nails Top Coat Nail Polish 

The high-quality top coat nail polishes make sure to provide a quick, easy to apply and instant dry out solution for most of the busy women. This Maxus Nails Top coat nail polish is a perfect match to meet the needs of perfect finishing on nails.


The top coat dries out very quickly so you don’t have to cure it for several minutes. Its sets on the nails easily and spread to cover the nail from all sides.


The overall finish offers a gel shine and the gloss that lasts for a long time without getting chipped off. Maxus top nail coat is a perfect combination of tiny nylon components along with the special ceramic powder that offers higher quality, flawless finish.


Since its made in the USA, it complies with all international standards offering an animal cruelty-free solution.


Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat

Julep freedom polymer top nail coat offers extraordinary glossy shine on the nail. It works perfectly as the top coat with its quick dry feature so you don’t have to wait more than 5 minutes to get ready.

The Julep topcoat offers gloss, smudge-resistant finish to make the nails look clean, shiny and flawless in all aspects. It is capable of covering the nails quiet smoothly and assure protection and perfect look for a long time.


OPI Top Coat Nail Polish

OPI top nail coat is a useful and irresistible final coat for the nail protection after manicures. It offers complete coverage for a better and healthier look on the nails.


The glossy shine and smooth and clean finish make it perfect to keep the ridges and imperfections covered and protect the nails from getting damaged. It on takes 60 seconds to set in and you can feel the final touch as soon as you have applied it.


89 cherry blossom

This is a matching set consisting of nail lacquer and gel coat for long-lasting and smooth finishing on your nails. It gives the appealing gloss and shines on the nails and the gel coat assure to add a flawless effect so that the lacquer stays covered and in its perfects ate for a long period of time.


Just apply the perfect lively and bloomy 89 cherry blossom nail lacquer and the gel coat and enjoy the shiny healthy nails.


Revlon Extra Life Top Coat

Revlon is a renowned company providing high-end beauty essentials for fashion lovers. This Revlon Extra Life top nail coat is another perfect combination of components that offer a smooth finish on the nails.


The top coat is easy and smooth to apply with no strokes and smudges. It covers that nail gently covering all areas in one go and spreads to make sure no side is left uncovered.


It seals and protects the nail from chipping issues and make sure your manicure stays fresh and keep your nails glowing with a healthy gloss and shine on them.


CND Super Shiney Top Coat

CND is a brand name that specialized in creative nail designs and this shiny nail top coat offers extra cover for the nail color. It covers and protects the nail color from getting damaged or fading issues.


The glossy finish and shine on the nails make them look neat and perfectly maintained for a long time. There are no harmful constituents hence you can use it without having any problems.


The nail coat is perfect for protecting nail art, nail color and manicure for keeping the nails protected and fresh no matter how they are affected.


Butter LONDON Hardwear  UV Shine Topcoat

Butter London offers a high-quality top coat nail polish that offers a quick dry surface for which you don’t have to wait for a long time and always get an instant top coat on your nails.


The nail coat offers super shine and gloss and keeps the nails protected for a long time. It is chip resistant and you get clear and maintained nails with the completely coated surface without smudging and apparent ridges on it.


Why should you use a top coat nail polish?

Mostly, high-quality nail polishes come up with smooth and shiny finishing. But if you need super-gloss and glass-like shine on your nails you must be applying a top nail polish or top coat on your nail polish to get the results that are flawless.

These top-coats are capable of covering the flaws that are left in the basecoat. You need this kind of nail polishes to make sure there are no lines, ridges and faints places on your nails giving them consistent, deep and glossy colored shine.


What to look for in the best top coat nail polish?

 For a nail polish, it has to be smooth, medium viscous, and glossy. But when have to find a top coat nail polish that is used to be applied for a shiny, glossy finishing covering ridges and strokes of the base coat, then it should have some extra qualities as well. Most valuable features you must be looking for in the best top coat nail polish are:

  • It should dry out quickly
  • No-chip and long-lasting coat
  • Give glossy finish
  • Stroke-free
  • Able to spread on the nails quickly and smoothly
  • Can cover ridges and lines
  • May not cause coagulation  and smudge free application


Overall we can say that using the top coat nail polish is essential when you need a glossy shine and perfect finish on your nails. It is better to look for quick drying and easy to apply top coat nail polishes that can provide long-lasting finish on the nails. Here we have discussed a few of the best options so that you may try them out for perfectly finished flawless nails. Hopefully, this may help you choose the best top coat nail polish easily.





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