How to Do Gel X Nails at Home

How to Do Gel X Nails at Home?

Ask any woman which manicure she prefers, and the answer would be a gel manicure. Gel nails are the best nail beautification process because they impart an incredibly glossy finish and make you look gorgeous in almost any attire.

Gel nails look excellent on women who have naturally elongated nails. However, it is not the ideal manicure for short and stubby nails. An acrylic extension is better suited for such nails. But acrylic nails have drawbacks because they usually contain toxic substances like methyl methacrylate (MMA). Other poisonous compounds include toluene, which can cause skin irritations, respiratory problems, and damage to kidneys and eyes. So, is there a better option?

Yes. Gel X nails is an excellent option that provides double the benefits of gel and acrylic manicures while excluding their drawbacks. First, this article looks at how to get Gel X extensions at home. But before that, let us understand what Gel X extensions are and how they differ from acrylic.

Gel X Extensions – What Are They?

Gel X Extensions


Gel X extensions are made from gel polish you apply to your nail. Therefore, these extensions are soft and malleable, unlike acrylic extensions which can be rigid. The exciting feature of Gel X extensions is that you can apply them directly on your nail and shape it according to your preferences.

How Are Gel Extensions Different from Acrylic?

Gel Extensions

Gel X Nail Extensions




Acrylic extensions are hard and sit at the nail tips. On the other hand, Gel X extensions are soft and cover the entire nail from the cuticles. Moreover, Gel X extensions are available in various shapes, like stiletto, coffin, round, and square. Besides, you can cut, file, and shape the Gel X extensions according to your preferences.

How Do You Get Gel X Nail Extensions?

Gel X Nail Extensions


The ideal way to get a Gel X extension is to visit a nail salon and seek professional help. But salon visits can be expensive. So, is there a better option? Yes. You can have your Gel X extension at home. Let us discuss the process in detail.

Get your apparatus in order

A Gel X extension will require you to have the following ingredients ready before starting the manicure.

Gel nails require curing under a UV or LED lamp. Gel X extensions are similar. Therefore, an LED or UV lamp is essential for a Gel X extension manicure.

One of the most significant drawbacks of gel nails is exposure to UV radiation, which can cause premature aging. Therefore, we recommend using sunscreen lotions or SPF creams on your fingertips to prevent their exposure to UV rays. Alternatively, you can use fingertip-less gloves that expose the nail area to UV light.

Gen X nail extensions should be of the best quality. We recommend using top brands like Kiara Sky Soft Gel, Après Soft gel, or Lavis Soft Gel. These products can be slightly expensive, but they guarantee a high-quality manicure. Other less costly options include Beatles extensions. But these extensions are not available in all shapes.

Nail-prepping tools are crucial to any manicure. The Gel X extension procedure requires cuticle remover solutions, cuticle clipper, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil, alcohol prep pads, pH bonder, acid-free primer, and Extend gel (a kind of UV light-activated nail glue).

Besides, you need regular gel manicure ingredients like basecoat, gel polish, and topcoat. Other optional ingredients include a nail drill, nail art brush set, nail stamp, lint-free pads, and a glass dish for acetone.

The gel X nail extension procedure

gel X nail extension


The Gel X nail extension manicure is easy to master. The process starts with the usual nail-prepping activity. We recommend using a sterilized nail file to buff the nail surface lightly. Next, clean the debris using lint-free pads and alcohol solution.

Apply the pH bonder in a thin coat, followed by the primer application. An e-file is ideal for filing the interior portions of the Gel X extension tip. However, we suggest focusing on the specific areas that will be in contact with the nail plate. You can leave the other areas as they are. Roughing the nail surface and the extension interiors allow it to stick correctly using nail glue.

Apply the Extend Gel (nail glue) thinly over your nail plate. Please ensure to cure your nails under a UV lamp for a minute. Thirty seconds should be sufficient for curing under LED lights. Similarly, apply the Extend Gel to the filed area of the Gel X extension. It enables the tip to stick to your nail surface.

Place the Gel X extension tip on the nail surface, starting from around the cuticle area. Press it gently towards the edges to allow the Extend Gel to spread uniformly. Cure the extension under the UV light for around ten seconds.

Repeat the entire procedure on your other fingernails. Finally, cure the whole hand under the UV lamp for a minute to 90 seconds.

You can file the nail tip after curing it under the UV lamp. Now, you can proceed with the regular gel manicure.

Apply the basecoat application over the extension. Cure the layer under the UV lamp. Continue with applying your favorite gel polish colors in thin layers. Curing each layer under the UV lamp is essential before applying the next one. Finally, apply the topcoat layer. Multiple coats enable a glossy finish. However, you must ensure to cure each topcoat layer.

Tap the Gel X nail extension with your fingers. It will produce a clicking sound to signal that the manicure is perfect.

How Long Can the Gel X Extension Last?

Gel X extensions can comfortably last for four weeks without chipping. You can also wash your dishes without any problems. After three weeks, you might notice natural nail growth at the nail base. You can redo the process or go for a Gel X extension removal.

Gel X Nails – Are They Safe?

Compared to acrylic nail extensions, Gel X nails are safer because they do not contain toxic chemicals. Though Gel X nails require prolonged exposure to UV radiations, you can take preventive measures to protect your skin.


We have discussed the Gel X extension procedure in detail. You will notice that the process is comparatively easier than acrylic nail extensions. So, anyone can master the technique with some practice. However, we recommend using top-quality products to get the best Gel X extension manicure at home.

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